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About Geiger Truck Parts

In 1956 after being the third generation in the hardware business, Vernon Geiger became involved in the recycling business when he purchased Triangle Metals, a business that was primarily involved in copper and brass recycling. He then expanded the company to include the paper, rags and cardboard that were the by-products of a nearby business forms manufacturer.

As that business changed and less by-products were being generated, Geiger focused more on metals. To feed the business, he bought cars and removed the metal from them. But before long, customers started to request parts for cars so the company, originally called Triangle Metals, got involved with parting out the cars and selling the parts. Through the years the company also was known as Watseka Triangle Auto Parts and Watseka Triangle Truck Parts before becoming Geiger Truck Parts in the late 1980s.

Because of its location in a farming community, the company got started with pickup trucks and other farm trucks in the late .60s.

The business evolved to add other medium-duty trucks and eventually got into semi tractors. Over time it got out of pickup trucks, but still does some medium-duty trucks. Today most of its emphasis is on semi tractors.

The truck market seemed less volatile to Geiger Truck Parts management, even though it was seasonally cyclical . ag harvest in the fall, planting in the spring, construction throughout the summer and plowing in the winter.

As the business grew, Geiger Truck Parts found that demand for transmissions and differentials was exceeding the supply it could get from the trucks it purchased. In the early 70s, it branched out and added transmission and differential rebuilding to its menu.

Doug Geiger, current company president, grew up in the business, and came back to work in it fulltime in 1980 after graduating from college, but not before working for a big corporation in Chicago. He bought the business from his parents in 1990 and as a result of his leadership and the efforts of loyal employees, the company moved into its current facility. Through the years the size of the facility has grown with the addition of a warehouse section in 1998, and other additions in 2004 and 2006. The 2006 addition doubled the size of the company.s shop.

Today Geiger Truck Parts is located on 15 acres in Watseka, Illinois. It has approximately 10,000 stock codes and 22,000 parts in stock at any one time. The company carries a wide array of parts including engines, transmissions, differentials, tires, wheels, hoods, front axles, engine parts, crankshafts, cylinder heads, etc.

Twenty-five employees working out of one location can ship parts economically around the country.

To keep its parts inventory full, Geiger buys trucks from all over the country. Trucks are purchased from insurance companies, fleets, towing facilities, individual owners and sometimes from auctions.

To maintain the integrity of the trucks it has purchased and meet the owners. deadlines, Geiger handles the transportation of those vehicles itself. This also helps limit the damage that can take place during transportation.

When the truck arrives at the Watseka facility, it is inventoried to determine which items will be salvaged based on what is in demand from Geiger customers, who include fleets, owner-operators, new truck dealers, farmers, support companies for the ag industry, bus companies, construction companies and a wide variety of other businesses.

After fluids are drained from the vehicles and parts are removed, the trucks are placed in an outside storage area. They vehicles are kept for approximately one year and then the hulks are processed and sent to a scrap yard.

Geiger Truck Parts. customers are looking for help extending the life of their vehicles or restoring them to pre-accident condition and Geiger Truck Parts is well-positioned to help them do that since it is not restricted to carrying parts from just one truck manufacturer and is knowledgeable across all truck brands.

The company prides itself on doing what it says it is going to do, whether that is picking up the incoming product on time or delivering the parts to its customers when they need them. Geiger also is a strong believer in following through. If a customer needs another part or has forgotten something, a Geiger staff member will step in to help.

While Geiger Truck Parts primarily focuses on selling parts, it will install a transmission or differential if a customer does not have a repair facility available to him or if there is a question about what type of repair actually is needed. The company also rebuilds transmissions and differentials.

Geiger.s staff is well seasoned with many employees having more than 20 years experience in the truck parts business so they can react to changing truck market conditions. But Geiger does not just rely on that expertise; it also thoroughly tests the parts and offers at least a 30-day warranty on its parts. Remanufactured transmissions and differentials come with a one-year warranty, while reconditioned units come with a six-month warranty.

To make sure it keeps up to date and evolving, Geiger Truck Parts is a member of the International Truck Parts Association ( and the Automotive Recyclers Association (

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